EJS Project: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

The EJS Project has been featured on the website of the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in a story about its work to help at-risk youth in Delray Beach, Florida. The story, titled “Building Tomorrow’s Leaders,” highlights the Project’s programs and services, which provide mentoring, education, and support to young people who are facing challenges such as poverty, homelessness, and criminal involvement.


The CRA is a government agency that works to improve the quality of life in Delray Beach by investing in economic development, housing, and community projects. The CRA’s support for the EJS Project is a testament to the importance of the Project’s work and its impact on the Delray Beach community.


The feature story on the CRA website highlights the following aspects of the EJS Project:


The Project’s commitment to teaching truth, challenging systems, and fighting for youth’s access to opportunity.


The Project’s work to provide a safe space for teenagers, free meals and food support, virtual programming, and opportunities for community service, paid internships, and tutoring.


The Project’s vision to expand and deepen its impact on youth and families in Delray Beach.


The EJS Project is honored to be featured on the website of the Delray Beach CRA. This recognition is a testament to the Project’s important work and its impact on the community. The Project is committed to continuing to provide high-quality resources and support to at-risk youth in Delray Beach, and to working to create a brighter future for all young people.


To read the CRA feature story on the EJS Project, please click on the following link: https://delraycra.org/ejs-project/

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