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The Emanuel Jackson Sr. Project is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to build and empower our future leaders. The organization was founded in 2014 by Emanuel “Dupree” Jackson, Jr. Dupree’s desire to make a difference in his community inspired him to create an organization that gave power back to the youth. He dedicated the organization to his late father and honored him by naming the organization after him.

The EJS’s Project mission is rooted in our desire to see every teen succeed, regardless of their zip code. Coming from the very same vulnerable footprint of Delray Beach, Dupree pushed past all the obstacles life brought forth to achieve his goals. At the EJS Project we believe if we focus on our youth’s strengths and power this helps them write their own narrative. We believe our teen’s deserve equity of opportunity and that strong supportive relationships promote change in individuals, organizations and systems. The EJS Project acknowledges racial discrimination and the barriers it has created in communities of color. We are dedicated to teaching truth, challenging systems, and fighting for its youth’s access to opportunity. It is our aim to surround our youth with as many positive and forward thinking adults as possible.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build and empower tomorrow’s leaders!

Equity Statement

The EJS Project acknowledges racial discrimination and the barriers it has created in communities of color. EJS is dedicated to teaching truth, challenging systems, and fighting for its youth’s access to opportunity.

Core Values


What started out as a passion to enrich the lives of teens has grown into an award-winning non-profit organization in the heart of Delray Beach.

2017 Grand Opening of Our Center

2018 Received CSC Great Ideas Funding

Launching Purpose Pays

Awards and Achievements

Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award

January 2021    Palm Beach State College

The Crystal Palm Award For Community Service

December 2020    Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce

“Hometown Heroes of Delray Beach”
Emanuel Dupree Jackson Jr. and Marcus Darrisaw of the EJS Project received this award at this 2020 awards ceremony hosted by the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce. The Crystal Palm Award honors those who have made a difference in the community.

Matthew Bump Mitchell

October 2019    Christ Missionary Baptist Church

For service in God, Family, and community!

Three Cheers Award

May 2019    Prime Time Palm Beach County, Inc.

Community Service Honoree

February 2018    St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal

At their 61st Organizational Tea, St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal honored the men, women and organizations that have demostrated leadership by volunteering thier time, efforts, resources, and economic relief to individuals, churches and communities throughout Palm Beach County.

Hero in Medicine

April 2017    Palm Beach County Medical Society Services

Awarded in the Community Outreach-Individuals category. The prestigious Heroes in Medicine Awards recognize individuals like you as well as organizations who utilize their skills to provide outstanding service in health care.

A Look Back

Take a tour through our 2020 Annual Report to learn more about the EJS Project.

Our Impact

More testimonials:

Why I Give to the EJS Project

Kevin McNally, a Delray Beach resident since 1991, has watched the EJS Project and our founder grow over the last five years. He was inspired to give by what he saw. This is his story.

“I met Dupree about five years ago when I attended a Delray National Night Out hosted by the police department. The EJS Project had a table there and as I spoke to Dupree, he struck me as a natural leader. Over the next few years, I got to know him better as he worked with the executive director of the Achievement Centers for Children and Families where I serve as board chair. Dupree wanted to learn the craft of running a nonprofit from top professionals like our CEO, Stephanie Seibel, who is one of the best.

Dupree had a very clear direction and knew what he wanted to accomplish. What drew me to his vision was knowing that for America to be great and for our communities to be strong, everyone has to have a shot at a piece of the pie. Kids growing up in troubled households or facing academic challenges will be left behind. Sometimes parents don’t know how to communicate or don’t have time for their kids because of their jobs. Dupree and the EJS Project naturally fill a void, giving youth direction and keeping them moving along in life.

Dupree’s a really special person. The kids flock to him. He has already had a huge effect on the community. And that impact will become greater and greater down the road. I see Dupree as one of the most important influences on Delray Beach over the next few decades.” 

Kevin has given generously to the EJS Project over the years, including a shopping spree at Office Depot for office supplies when we secured our building, laptops for staff and youth, and monetary donations for other needs.

Action-Packed Stories of Impact

A Grateful Mom and Son (excerpted from our Impact Report)

Linora Clay didn’t know where to turn to get help for her son Jermane when he started acting out in middle school. He was getting into fights, his grades were plummeting and Linora just couldn’t get through to him. The EJS Project became a stabilizing presence in Jermane’s life, providing guidance to both mother and son. This is their story.

Linora: “As a single mother, I didn’t know what to do to help Jermane get on the right path. Dupree said the EJS Project could help, but my son didn’t want to go. I convinced him to give it a try just for one month. That was three years ago. Jermane is now 15 and it has been a complete 180. His grades improved, he doesn’t get into any more fights. EJS didn’t make a difference just in his life, it made a big difference in my life. I could always call on Dupree or Mr. Marcus to help me communicate with my son. How to talk to him when he is angry.  They are role models for Jermane and do everything to help him and me—even attending school conferences and driving him home to West Palm Beach from Delray Beach if I can’t. They have even helped me with gas money to get him there on my own. I will find any way to get my son to that program—that’s how much the EJS Project means to us. I truly thank god for EJS.”

Jermane: “I was fighting a lot. I used to get straight Fs. Since I joined EJS project, I’m now close to making the honor roll and I joined the ROTC program. I feel like I can trust Dupree and Mr. Marcus with my problems. It makes me feel good that I have someone I can run to and trust. And when they say something, they mean it. They told me they would help me with my schoolwork and they will stay with me until my work is completed, even if it’s 8:00 p.m.”

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