Staff and Volunteers

Staff and Volunteers

Meet key people dedicated to the cause.

Marcus Darisaw

Program Coordinator

Marcus Darrisaw was born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida. He attended college for two years at Hibbing Community College with Founder, Emanuel Dupree Jackson Jr., then earned a scholarship to Savannah State University where he graduated with his Bachelors Degree in English. Mr. Darrisaw  always desired to give back to the community like his parents, James Darrisaw and Tia Dobard and his grandfather, Reginald Dobard Sr. After college, he moved back home to work as a teacher working at Boynton High School and West Boca High School. Along with teaching, he also coaches various sports and previously served as a Teen Director for an afterschool program. He continues to aim to inspire kids to go beyond their limits and never to settle for anything less than what they are able to achieve. Mr. Darrisaw wants to see change in the community and strives to help our youth make their dreams become a reality. He joined the EJS Project to help the organization reach it’s greatest potential by providing a consistent place for teens for support and guidance.

From left to right: Marcus Darrisaw (Program Coordinator), Luwinzie Wilson (Administrative Intern), Cameron Lee (Volunteer), Andrika Youngblood (Volunteer), Dupree Jackson Jr (Founder/ED), Tyrell Cain (Volunteer)