Staff and Volunteers

Staff and Volunteers

Meet key people dedicated to the cause.

Our Staff Members

Emanuel “Dupree” Jackson

Founder & Executive Director

Emanuel “Dupree” Jackson, Jr., Founding Director of EJS Project, was born and raised in The Set, Delray Beach FL. He has worked with children and teens most of his career and holds a passion for connecting with at-risk youth and helping them tap into their strength and power. Dupree attended Hibbing Community College and obtained his Associate of Arts degree. From there he received a full athletic scholarship to North Dakota State University where he studied Communications and minored in Psychology. Upon his return to Delray Beach, Dupree noticed community youth needed more mentors, and the idea for the Emanuel Jackson Senior (EJS) Project was born. Now in its 6th year, The EJS Project continues to invest in homegrown talent and commits itself to building and empowering tomorrow’s leaders.

Dupree is known by others for his loyalty, determination, and selflessness and is a community leader, activist, and social innovator in his hometown. He attended a Tamarack Institute conference entitled “Deepening Community” (Edmonton, Alberta) to learn more about the power of community and is invested in the collective impact model. He returned the following year to Toronto, Ontario as a learning lab leader and guest speaker for Tamarack’s Community Change Institute. Understanding more can be done together, he serves on many boards and committees in Delray Beach and greater Palm Beach County including Palm Health Foundation’s Healthier Delray, Community Greening, and Side Project, Inc. He was named a Hero in Medicine by the Palm Beach County Medical Society for his community outreach efforts.

Finally, Dupree has attended several workshops from the Race Equity Institute. He acknowledges the impact of systemic racism on poor communities and communities of color and works tirelessly to teach the truth, challenge systems, and fight for his youth’s access to opportunity. Most importantly, Dupree understands that sustainable solutions to challenges in marginalized communities exist within the people from those communities.

Dupree currently lives in Delray Beach with his wife Janay and their two daughters Jazlyn(13) and Kahlia(4)

Marcus Darisaw

Program Coordinator

Marcus Darrisaw was born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida. He attended college for two years at Hibbing Community College with Founder, Emanuel Dupree Jackson Jr., then earned a scholarship to Savannah State University where he graduated with his Bachelors Degree in English. He  always desired to give back to the community like his parents, James Darrisaw and Tia Dobard and his grandfather, Reginald Dobard Sr. After college, he moved back home to work as a teacher working at Boynton High School and West Boca High School. Along with teaching, he also coaches various sports and previously served as a Teen Director for an afterschool program. He continues to aim to inspire kids to go beyond their limits and never to settle for anything less than what they are able to achieve. He wants to see change in the community and strives to help our youth make their dreams become a reality. He joined the EJS Project to help the organization reach it’s greatest potential by providing a consistent place for teens for support and guidance.

Aarif Khan

Program Coordinator

Aarif has dedicated himself to helping others live the highest quality of life they possibly can, through social entrepreneurship. His childhood took him through many trials and tribulations ranging from severe mental health issues to dealing with a speech impediment ever since he learned how to talk. The people in his corner made him realize that he wants to become that same person in the corners of others.

Innovation, transformative leadership and social entrepreneurship drive the work he does in his community. In 2021, he co-founded TAMKIN, a social enterprise that’s on a mission to encourage, educate, and provide quality self-care for black men. In 2022, he started working for the EJS Project, a nonprofit organization working to empower teens throughout Palm Beach County.

Aarif has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship at the Watson Institute at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida where he grounded his passion in the tools, network, and capacities that were needed to further his impact throughout his career. Currently, Aarif continues his work as the Program Coordinator at the EJS Project by managing & creating impactful programs to build and empower tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Volunteers

Andreka Youngblood


Born and raised in Delray Beach FL, Andreka Youngblood, AKA Dreka, graduated from Santaluces Community High School (Home of the Chiefs) in 2008. Currently, she serves as a Business Analyst for The Guardian Recovery Network in their accounting department. Dreka makes it her mission to participate in so many community service projects, events, and efforts to make a difference in her local Delray Beach community. In recognition for the work she does at the EJS Project, she was awarded the 2023 EJS Project Volunteer of the Year Award.

Howard Daniels


Volunteering on behalf of this program has been nothing but incredible from working and planning events with Andrika and Aarif to the Dupree, Marcus and amazing Board behind them. Seeing the Teens go after their dreams and ambitions while watching them grow into young adults inspires me to keep serving them as often as possible.

Cameron Lee


Cam is from Delray Beach FL. She graduated from Atlantic Community High School in 2016, Florida State in 2020, and is currently finishing her Masters at FAU in December. She has been volunteering with the EJS Project for about 2 years, providing marketing assistance, serving on multiple event planning committees, and also serving as a mentor to students. Currently she works in Sports Marketing at Fanatics.

Daniel Studdard


Daniel Studdard was born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida. Daniel has worked with children and adults throughout the majority of his career and obtains great passion for helping people evolve and finding their purpose in life. Daniel is a proud graduate of Boca Raton Community High School; upon obtaining his diploma, Daniel attended Hibbing Community College to further his career in football and then received a scholarship to Savannah State University where he received a degree in sociology, minor in business. After graduation, Daniel started his career teaching World History & coaching football at Boynton Beach Community High School.

In 2015, Daniel had an urge to do more for people & help others in health care, so he started working for Banyan Health systems as a case manager, and then would later intern as a Mental/Behavioral therapist. Daniel has been serving his community by being an advocate & activist for children, teens, & adults. Currently, Daniel is a Behavioral Health professional & entrepreneur who plans on changing lives one day at a time.

Linnora Clay


Linnora is a parent volunteer for EJS Project for the past 6 years and counting. When she first heard about EJS, she cried because she felt like it was a blessing to know that it’s a program out there that still cares and wants to be a part of our children’s life to make a change and keep off the streets. She had two children in the program, her son Jermane who is now a senior and her daughter Jazmynn who graduated from High School. As a mother of four children she didn’t know how she was able to do it, but EJS made it easy for her to show love to the students as well. Even though her children graduated from the program, she still volunteers because that’s where her heart is at. She is forever grateful for the EJS.


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